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Nutro Health products are guaranteed to be effective.


The ingredients in every Nutro Health product have been studied and analyzed for years to assure that they help solve a specific health issue. The hand-selected ingredients have been imported to the United States at a great expense and then scientifically blended to assure the safest, most effective solution to the health issue at hand.

Flexatin joint patch
Whether you're suffering from an injury or joint pain is simply getting the best of you as you age, this pain-reief patch will help overcome the debilitating aspects of arthritis and general joint/muscle pain.

Flexatin joint pill
These scientifically enhanced supplements contain the most powerful over-the-counter pain management in the industry with healthy doses of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM while also featuring several all-natural pain healing ingredients.

This is the ultimate supplement to help diabetics get the macro nutrients they need to support maximum health. It is recommended that this product be used on a daily basis to provide the best possible results.

Prostalex Plus
Up all night going to the bathroom? Do you always have the urge to go? As men age, their prostate naturally enlarges and thus puts more pressure on the bladder to empty itself of urine. This clinically proven supplement helps shrink prostate size and relieves the frustrating issues of urinary problems.